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3rd Grade Pen Pals photo

3rd Grade Pen Pals

This year third grade has had the opportunity to have pen pals in England.  We are working with a class of 4th graders at South Wellfield First School.  The students there mailed us letters and post cards.  They taught us about their school and facts about their country.  They asked each of our students personal questions about themselves and shared about their own lives.  They also sent candy from the United Kingdom.  After receiving their letters, we responded by making brochures about the United States.  We printed pictures of famous landmarks including Statue of Liberty and Niagra Falls.  Ours students mailed candy "Mike and Ikes" for them to enjoy.  On global day our students made head bands representing England.  We have enjoyed learning about the traditions and getting to know new friends.  

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Learning So Much on Global Day photo

Learning So Much on Global Day

Mrs. Mangum’s second grade class learned lots of information about other countries around the world on March 26th!  We took a virtual tour of Australia and the many sights and landmarks within Australia such as Ayers Rock, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, and the Pinnacles Desert.  Australia is a fascinating place!

We also ‘visited’ Kenya where we learned that the students have no bathrooms, no electricity, and no running water.  We realized how fortunate we are to have all of these necessities that we take for granted! Some of the buildings were made from mud and dung. Gross!

In the United Kingdom, muffins and pudding are made with pig’s blood.  The more popular foods in the United Kingdom are spicy.  Of course, my class’ food of choice was the fish and chips. French fries are considered chips there.  It was fun ‘traveling’ around the world!

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