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Wayne Thiebaud – American Pop Artist photo

Wayne Thiebaud – American Pop Artist

In the art room Ms. Drage loves to introduce the students to interesting artists they may not have heard of before! One of her favorite artists is Wayne Thiebaud. He is known for his creative depiction of cakes, pies, and many other delectable sweet treats. He adds 3D texture, just like real icing and meringue! Thiebaud is part of the Pop art movement. An art movement is the style of art with a specific common idea, followed by a group of artists during a specific period of time. He is part of the Pop art movement because he paints objects from popular culture; things we know and see daily. Second grade students are making 3 dimensional plaster cupcakes with materials that look just like real icing! Third graders are making monochromatic ice cream cones in the style of Wayne Thiebaud! And Ms. Drage can’t wait for first graders to start making giant paper cut out cupcakes.

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Red Nose Day contact across the pond!  photo

Red Nose Day contact across the pond!

On Friday 13th March, some children from 4th and 5th Grades made contact across the pond, with a school in the United Kingdom, via Skype in order to create a common global link.

Every 2 years in the UK, there is a day called Red Nose Day dedicated as a national charity campaign. It encourages people from all walks of life to do something ’funny for money’. Money raised goes to helping people in the UK and across Africa for many different causes. This year, Red Nose Day fundraising has so far reached over £78 million (approx. $115 million), with donations still coming in. That has brought the grand total since Red Nose Day began in 1985 to over £1 billion (approx. $1.5 billion)!!!!

The school we linked with was Bourne Westfield Academy in Lincolnshire, England, and the children there told us what Red Nose Day meant to them and what people can do to raise some money. This year, the school hosted a non-uniform day and encouraged the children to make their face funny, which included face paints and pulling strange looks!

Watch this space for US Red Nose Day news soon!

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