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Global Proverbs Offer Interesting Insight To Mrs. Schacht’s Fifth Grade Class  photo

Global Proverbs Offer Interesting Insight To Mrs. Schacht’s Fifth Grade Class

The value of a proverb is the theme for Mrs. Schacht’s fifth grade class. The class is studying proverbs form around the world. Not only are the proverbs wise, they also show the cultural influences that the proverbs are based on. “Those who live without discipline, live without honor” (Iceland) was a favorite of Nikayla Lewis. She said people need to know what is right and wrong and live by the right choices. Davon Jordan liked a proverb from Kenya. It was “If you rattle a snake, you should be prepared to be bitten by it.” He said it means a bully better be prepared to eventually take the consequences of his actions. A good discussion of bullies and their behavior followed.

Proverbs have been found in some of the books the students have been reading. Juliet Plue was particularly interested in the proverb from Vietnam which was, “When eating a fruit, think about who planted the tree.” Knowing the proverb was from Vietnam it had meaning since fruit is scarce and the country struggles with adequate food. Students are keeping a journal, writing all the proverbs in it and tracking it on a world map both in their book and in the classroom.

For the next few weeks daily proverbs will be learned and discussed. Knowing that they do not have a literal meaning, Lela Whitmire thought the proverb from Mexico summed up their learning about proverbs. “In youth we learn; with age we understand.” She said students are learning now and when they get older, hopefully will be wiser and smarter.

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Students from Union, Rock Rest, & New Town Elementary help set new Guinness World Records mark in sport stacking on Thursday, November 13th!

 Did you know stacking and un-stacking plastic cups is an energizing, brain-activating and world-record-setting activity? On Thursday, November 13th, thousands of participants took part in what Guinness World Records® terms the “World’s Largest Sport Stacking Event.” During the course of Guinness World Records Day, sport stackers from all reaches of the world were up stacking and down stacking various pyramids in prescribed patterns at lightning speed for at least 30 minutes, all combined with a variety of fitness activities. Final numbers are about to be submitted to Guinness. As of Decemeber 4,the total was 592,192 stackers.

Sport stacking with Speed Stacks is in more than 40,000 schools and youth organizations worldwide. It’s appealing to teachers and students because it’s easy to learn but very challenging to master. The WSSA is the governing body for sport stacking and promotes Stack Meets, Leagues and Tournaments around the world. Speed Stacks is the official equipment supplier to the WSSA.


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